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Faith The Link With God's Power
Reinhard Bonnke

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TITLE: "Faith The Link With God's Power"

AUTHOR: Reinhard Bonnke

Some believe that simply having faith is an entitlement to blessing and prosperity. Others believe that faith in oneself is all that is needed in life. Still others contend that faith is a cosmic force that breeds superhuman, super-spiritual, invicible people.

It is none of these. Faith is not believing what you know is not true, nor is it believing something for which there is no evidence. The Bible is a book all about faith, and provides the evidence that makes faith so vital, so important and so astounding.

In "Faith - The Link With God's Power," international evangelist Reinhard Bonnke draws from his years of personal study and vibrant ministry to millions to reveal that:

- Faith is like a wiring system that carries power into our lives. Faith itself is not the power, but it links us to the power source. There is no link to God's power without faith.

- What we believe will happen tomorrow, comes from what we already know happened yesterday.

- It is not the size of your faith, but the size of the God you believe in that determines the results.

Reinhard Bonnke is perhaps more qualified than most to shed light on what it means to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. He and his CfaN team regularly conduct Gospel Crusades in Africa, where signs and wonders follow the preaching of the Gospel. With up to 1,600,000 people attending a single service and 3,450,000 making a positive decision for Christ in just 6 days of meetings, there are indeed days in which to abound in faith!

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